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Functional Designs & Handyman Services

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We are following the CDC Guidlines. For every appointment, we do the following to keep everyone safe.

  • Wear a Mask
  • Maintain Distance(Prefer Venmo)
  • Hand Sanitizer Before/After
  • Disinfect Tools Used

COVID-19 Update


Functional Designs: 

custom space saving designs, custom shelving, functional organization, holiday lighting & decorations, and hang blinds/curtains/drapes/pictures


Repair & Maintenance: 

weather stripping, caulking, iPhone screen replacement, light bulb exchange, wall switches/outlets, toilets, and door hardware

Commercial Services:



bed frames, bunk beds, cribs, dressers, night tables, kitchen table and chairs, storage shelves, desks, bookcases, entertainment centers, sofas, chairs, coffee tables, end tables, swing/play sets, hammocks, fitness equipment, and furniture assembly 


child proofing, smart home devices, door/cabinet hardware, custom shelving, cabinets, appliances, faucets, sinks, garbage disposals, dishwasher, ceiling fan, flooring, backsplashes, toilets, shower doors, vanities, mirrors, mount TVs, electronics, ceiling fans, light fixtures, dimmers, smoke detectors, doors, pet doors, and awnings

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

routine maintenance and on-call/emergency services


Labor Costs:

As a family owned business, it is important to us to offer fair prices to our customers, as well as fair wages to the professionals on our team. Some services are billable hourly, while other services are billable at a fixed rate. Rates do not include the price of materials. For transparency, more details may be found below. 



  • Hourly: $65/hr, rounded up to next half hour
  • Hourly (2 Techs): $130/hr, rounded up to next half hour
  • Minimum: 1 hour, bundling small services is recommended




Service Area: 

From Cottage Grove throughout Dane County and more! 

Material Costs:

Customers are financially responsible for materials. Materials may be purchased independently by the customer, or customers may place a material request with us. For the time spent purchasing materials from a material request, ½ of our hourly rate is charged. Last minute trips to the store will result in the normal hourly charge or the need to reschedule to complete the project. 


Example 1: Brenda scheduled for a technician to replace her bathroom faucet and supplied her own materials. Upon arrival, our technician realizes that the faucet that Brenda purchased is not compatible. Our technician has time that day so (after talking to the customer) he runs to the store and charges $65/hour plus materials for his time. 

Example 2: Richard scheduled a technician to mount his TV. He was not sure what materials were needed so he sent in pictures and answered all questions upon scheduling so our technicians could supply the correct materials. Richards pays ½ our hourly rate plus materials for our technician's time to purchase the materials in advance. 

Typical Service Prices:

Typical services providing an average cost estimate.

*Actual prices and times may vary based on specific project circumstances*



Bed Frame (w/ intricate features): 1 hour

Crib: 1 hour     Changing Table: 1 hour

Dresser: 2-3 hours

Night Stand / End Table: 0.5 hour

Kitchen Table: 1 hour

Kitchen Chairs: 0.25 hour each 

Desk:  2-3 hours

Bookcase: 2 hours

Sofa: 1-2 hours

Coffee Table: 0.5-1 hour

Ikea Furniture: 0.5-2 hours

Swingset / Playset Assembly: 4-12 hours (2 ppl)

Hang pictures: 1-2 hours

Baby proofing: 3-4 hours 

Install/Replace door hardware: 1-2 hours



Install kitchen faucet: 1 hour

Install kitchen sink: 2-3 hours

Install garbage disposal: 1 hour

Install cabinet hardware: 1-2 hours

Appliance installation: 1-2 hours

Install Dishwasher: 2 hours

Install Microwave: 1 hour

Electronics & Lighting:

Change thermostat: 1 hour

Smart Doorbell Replacement: 1 hour

Hang ceiling fan (8-10ft ceiling): 1 hour

Hang ceiling fan (>10ft ceiling): 1-2 hours

Replace light fixture: 1 hour

Replace switch/outlet: 1 hour

Mount TV (under 60 inches): 1 hour

Mount TV (over 60 inches): 1 hour (2 ppl)

Electronic setup: 0.5-1 hour

Drywall Repair: 1-2 hours

Lock Replacment (Deadbolt / Knob): 1 hour



Install bathroom faucet: 1 hour

Install bathroom sink: 1-2 hours

Install bathroom sink and faucet: 2-3 hours 

Change toilet valve:1 hour

Reseat toilet: 1-2 hours

Install toilet: 1 hour

Toilet replacement: 1 hour

Bathroom fan replacement: 1 hour

Shower head replacement: 0.25 hour

Vanity replacement: 3-4 hours

Vanity installation: 2-3 hours

About us

Cottage Grove Design & Repair was founded in 2019 by Scott Petri and his partner Arielle Bolly-Petri. Scott graduated from UW-Madison with a degree in mechanical engineering. After graduating, Scott worked as an engineering project manager and an optical coating engineer. However, he found himself unsatisfied at a desk all day. Scott comes from a family of trades-people and has always found joy in the work. This inspired him to use his advanced mechanical knowledge to start Cottage Grove Design & Repair. Thanks to his engineering background, Scott has the unique ability to sort information and visualize a solution. While working with his father (a master electrician), Scott learned the importance of truly listening to his customer's needs and fully explaining their options. Scott values his customer’s confidence in him and strives to create a long term professional relationship. 


Our staff is also licensed, fully insured, & comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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